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2024 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP)

What is the purpose of the IRP process?

The primary purpose of the IRP process is for the GBWC to provide, analyze and establish priorities to ensure that it meets all Nevada Administrative Code compliance standards of service. The IRP considers how the utility will be able to accommodate future growth and changes within its service territory for the next one to three years (“Action Plan”) and for a twenty-year (“Preferred Plan”) planning period.

The IRP provides a list of projects GBWC is recommending for review and acceptance and a framework to establish priorities for water conservation. In setting the priorities for the IRP, GBWC balances the operational objectives of minimizing cost to rate payers, mitigating demand risk, and maximizing service reliability to customers.

What is the value of the IRP process for GBWC and its customers?

The IRP is a key exercise performed every three years to review past, current, and future projects and evaluate system conditions. This review allows GBWC to plan for the immediate and long-term future of its utilities. The near-term planning gives GBWC an opportunity to understand and prioritize the infrastructure, refurbishment, replacement, and upgrades that will be needed to reliably provide clean and safe drinking water to its customers, and to discharge clean water to the environment.

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