We’re Working for You – Help Keep Our Crews Safe

National Safety Month is celebrated by many across the U.S. and Canada during June. During this time, we want to remind you that you can help keep your water and wastewater team safe.

Crews are regularly out working to improve water and wastewater service in our communities. The actions you take while traveling through work zones can help our crews return home safely after each workday.

Please make sure to:

Slow down. Follow posted speed limits. Adjust your speed for traffic flows, and weather conditions and move over for emergency, utility, and public works vehicles.

Stay alert. Keep your eye on the road only. Avoid changing radio stations and using cell phones. Pay attention to flaggers, workers, and their equipment.

Give yourself time. Don’t tailgate. Leave at least three seconds or more of braking room between you and the vehicle in front of you.

There is nothing more important than you and our team members making it to our destinations and home safely. Please travel safely through work zones and pull over when you see utility vehicles and crews at work.

Thank you for joining us in making safety a priority every day!