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My Account

Please contact Customer Service for all account updates and changes, such as Start, Stop, or Transfer of your utility services. Please have your Account Number or Service Address handy.

Opening an Account

If you are the owner of a residence, you will have to establish service in your name before moving in. If you are a renter, you may also have to establish service in your name depending upon the agreement you have with your landlord.

We will need the following information when you open an account:

  • A copy of the statutory warranty deed, if you are the owner
  • Physical address where service is to be provided
  • Name and mailing address (if different from physical address) as it will appear on the account
  • Contact telephone numbers
  • Move-in date

Property owners who wish to have an account in a renter's name must complete a Responsibility for Payment Form. If you have an agent managing your property, you will need to complete an Authorized Agent Form.

A deposit is required for all new accounts. Deposits may be waived for qualifying customers at no cost to the customer. There is a $26.25 record fee for water, and a $26.25 record fee for wastewater. Charges for deposits and recording fees will be included on your first billing statement.


moving-van-pictogramIf you're moving or closing an account, please allow at least 1 business day (24 hours) before your move, excluding weekends and holidays, so we can close your account. You are responsible for all charges until the account is closed.