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My Bill

We offer several ways to pay your utility bill, including online payments through our online payment portal. You can make one-time payments or register to set up auto payments.

Register or Make a Payment


Alternatively, choose any of the following ways to pay your bill. If you need assistance, please contact our Customer Service team.

  • Online: Credit / Debit Card

  • Bank Auto Pay

  • In Person at Our Offices

  • Phone: Credit Card

  • Mail: Check

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Please note, we are not affiliated with any third-party bill payment services, such as Doxo or Mint. These services usually charge additional fees, and do not guarantee payments will reach us on time. This may result in late fees or disconnection of services. We strongly encourage you to use one of the above payment methods.

Disconnection Notices

If you've received a Disconnection Notice, please contact Customer Service as soon as possible to avoid disconnection of services or additional fees.

When making a payment for an account subject to disconnection, please pay the overdue balance in person at our offices, or through our online payment portal (VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover), or debit card — before the disconnection date on your notice.

Online Bill Calculator

Our online bill calculator can help you estimate your utility bill using your consumption and account classification. Start by selecting your account classification.





NOTE: These calculations are for the regular charges only. They don’t consider late fees, previous balances, or other charges. Also, Summer Sewer Ceiling charges (explained below in FAQs) are in effect May-Aug for Single Family and Duplex customers. Your statement will reflect this adjustment during those months.

Billing FAQ

  • What is the Summer Sewer Ceiling?

  • What should I do if my last bill was unusually high?

  • What can I do if an accidental leak caused my bill to jump?

  • How do I get a final bill if I’m selling my property or have a tenant moving out?

  • How do I get a total of my yearly utility payments for taxes?

Beware of Bill Payment Scams

scams-cyber-security-pictogramUtility customers are commonly targeted by email, phone, and in-person scammers (criminals). That's because no one wants to risk essential services being cut, and scammers take advantage of that vulnerability. Fortunately, there are some simple steps to protect yourself.

  1. Stop and Think!
    Scammers rely on false urgency to get victims to act in haste. Stop and ask yourself: why is this person contacting me; and does ANYTHING seem suspicious?
  2. Why Now? Why the Urgency?
    Is this person pressuring me to act in some way? Is this a demand for urgent payment or personal information (birth date, Social Security number, bank / credit account numbers, etc.)? NEVER give a stranger this type of information. As your utility, we already have the necessary information to provide your services.
  3. Control the Conversation
    If you have ANY doubts about the legitimacy of someone contacting you, STOP! Take down the information you were given, note how and when you were contacted, then contact us using our phone number or email from your bill, this website, or My Utility Connect. Do not use a number or email you were given, as these can be false.
  4. In-Person Scams
    When someone comes to your door, it can be harder to follow the last 3 steps, especially if the person claims it’s an emergency. Remember, our field staff rarely make unscheduled home visits. If it's a legitimate visit, our field service personnel will wait. If you are approached:
  • NEVER let someone into your home until you've verified their identity.
  • Ask to see their employee badge and note down their name and number.
  • Then ask them to wait until you’ve verified their identity by contacting us using our phone number from your bill, this website, or My Utility Connect. Do not call a number the person has given you as it could be false.

Our Customer Service agents and field staff will never have a problem with you taking these precautions. If the person contacting you does, or becomes aggressive, chances are you're dealing with a scammer.

Suspected scams should be reported to Customer Service and local law enforcement.

More information

Scammers are always finding new ways to take advantage of consumers. Learn more and stay one step ahead by visiting Utilities United Against Scams.

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