Great Basin Water Co. Addresses Spring Creek Pressure Fluctuations

Oct 01, 2020

At Great Basin Water Co. (GBWC), we pride ourselves on our commitment to our customers through reliable and safe water and wastewater services. Part of our pledge includes updating you when we have disruptions in normal service. We are aware of fluctuations of pressure that have occurred over the past several months and we would like to share with you the circumstances that led to this volatility in some neighborhoods, what GBWC has done, and continues do to maintain quality service.

Large Increase in Use During Irrigation Season, Well Disruptions Contribute to Pressure Fluctuations 2020 has been an unprecedented year in many ways, including in some of the water use in Great Basin’s Spring Creek system. In fact, use in Spring Creek from March to August 2020 has increased 31% since the same time period in 2019.

Well #5 Rehabilitation and Well #7 Outage

This Spring, GBWC was in the later stages of Well #5 rehabilitation before the height of the irrigation season. During routine use in late May, Well #7 began having severe vibration issues. As a result, GBWC shut the well down and immediately contacted a vendor for repairs. After a thorough analysis of Well #7, the repair vendor determined that the pump and motor were terminally damaged and as a result the well had to be down for several weeks.

In response, GBWC took Well #5 out of rehabilitation and it was back online within a few days of #7 being taken offline. As a result, the pressure level was brought back up. In late August, Well #7 was brought back online and since that time the 300 tract area has been back to normal irrigation season operating pressures.

GBWC’s Added Response to Pressure Volatility

In late Spring, GBWC operators noticed significant increases in demand. The demand culminated with higher than average temperatures, more residents home and utilizing irrigation because of the pandemic, and substantial new users coming online.

As a result, GBWC began taking steps to offset sudden demand concerns including: 
o Bringing supplementary wells online
o Flushing mains and lines in areas where we have had pressure issues
o Installing pressure monitors
o Pursuing the installation of a pressure relief valve at Scrub Oak Drive
o Working with the Spring Creek Association on a coordinated common area watering

Moving forward

GBWC apologizes for any disruptions or inconveniences customers have felt during this irrigation season. With both of GBWC wells online and set for complete rehabilitations by next irrigation season, we believe pressures in Spring Creek should be steady and reliable. Additionally, we are planning supplementary projects to improve consistency.

What projects are next in Spring Creek? We need your input.

In upcoming months, GBWC will be putting together our Integrated Resource Plan or “IRP” in Spring Creek. The IRP outlines for the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada (PUCN) the projects GBWC has planned to enhance the Spring Creek system over the next few years. We invite customer input, suggestions, and concerns including on how a project can directly impact you.

You can reach out to GBWC with your suggestions for new projects by calling our customer service number at (844) 694-4404, emailing our Communications Coordinator Trina Castonguay at:, or sending a direct message to GBWC via social media on Facebook and Twitter.

Should you have any questions or concerns about this article or pressure issues at your property,
 please do not hesitate to contact us at (844) 694-4404.

Also, we encourage you to register for My Utility Connect
(GBWC’s online portal to communicate directly with customers), please visit: