Tips for a Water-Wise Garden, Green Thumb or Not

Jun 29, 2020

Spring Creek gardeners are hardy folk, acclimated to working through the hot and the cold to create wonderful outdoor spaces. Persistence – and a willingness to experiment – will take you far in gardening. Green thumb or not, you can plant something beautiful and long-lasting if you aren’t afraid to try something new.

  • Plant with Natives: Your garden will glow brighter if you use plants that are native to our region or adapted to similar climate conditions. A “water-wise” Nevada garden can be as diverse as your imagination, but it’s important to choose plants that are conducive to our environment.Growing native species can help cut your use of water (and pesticides) dramatically.
  • Know Your Landscape: To see real success, you’ll want to become very familiar with the landscape of your yard. Map areas of shade, high-exposure, drainage, soil types and microclimates. Put pencil to paper and match site specifics to the cultural needs of the plants you are looking at. With time, your native garden will yield healthy, beautiful plants, as well as an increase in native birds and other pollinators, a lower water bill, and reduced use of chemicals in the environment.
  • Be Water Smart: COVID-19 has more of us spending time puttering around the house and playing in the dirt. We hope that novice and experience gardeners alike are doing what they can to conserve water. Using water responsibly outside our homes is easy to do with a little extra consideration.


    Tips for Water Efficiency

    • Limit lawn grass; balance shrubs and groundcover with stone pebbles or cement
    • Add a patio to the front yard for additional living space (and less lawn)
    • Shade trees keep your yard cool and give variety to the landscape
    • Reuse water that children have played with to water trees or shrubs
    • Don’t water when it’s windy (or raining)
    • Water during the cool parts of the day, never between 11:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.
    • Water near the roots of the plant. Deep, intermittent watering promotes deeper root systems that do better in hot weather.
    • “Water and Wait.” Then stop and wait for the water to soak in, about one to two hours.
    • Regularly check your irrigation system for leaks – or better yet, avoid using one altogether. Watering your garden with a hose is more efficient than even a drip irrigation system!

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