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About Bermuda Water Company

Bermuda Water Company is a private water utility provider. We take great pride in delivering safe and reliable utility services to over 20,000 residential and commercial Bermuda customers.

But our commitment goes beyond providing essential utility services. We care about the health and wellbeing of our customers, employees, and our environment. And we actively contribute to the communities where we live and work. This commitment is expressed in our Company Purpose.

"We help people enjoy a better life and communities thrive."

You can learn more about us and the work we do in your community by following our News page.

Your Utility at a Glance

Our rates and activities are regulated by the Arizona Corporation Commission. Our team is comprised of proud members of the community who are dedicated to providing safe, reliable and cost-effective service. Our head office is located in Fort Mohave.

Drinking Water Infrastructure

About Us Water Treatment Capacity Pictogram
System Capacity
3,800 GPM

About Us Water Mains Mileage Pictogram
Distribution Mains
688,443 Linear Ft.

About Us Water Potable Wells Number Pictogram
Potable Wells
9 Wells

About Us Water Storage Capacity Pictogram
Storage Capacity
2,744,000 Gallons

About Us Water Tanks Number Pictogram
Storage Tanks
6 Tanks

Investing in Your Utility

We're committed (and obligated by regulators) to invest in older systems to bring them up to modern standards, and maintaining all systems in optimal operating condition through upgrade and replacement programs.

Even the smallest utility systems require significant investments. But unlike other public infrastructure — roads, bridges, airports, transit, etc. — most water infrastructure is never seen, yet we rely on it 24/7. Learn more about how utility systems work.