Capital Projects

Our customers expect reliable and safe water and wastewater services, and we are planning ahead to ensure we can power your lives today and tomorrow. 

At Carolina Water Service, Inc of North Carolina we take system reliability seriously, which is essential to meeting customers' needs. Our goal is to produce and deliver reliable and cost-effective water and wastewater services for our communities.

 As part of that commitment, we continue to pursue capital improvements across the state.

What to Expect

  • Safety is our greatest priority. In the neighborhoods, a safety perimeter will be marked along the work zone.
  • It's very important to keep children, pets and others out of the work zone. Please do not enter the work zone at any time.
  •  Skilled contractors will work during daylight hours, and no interruption to your service is expected during this project.  It is critical that our workers have safe, unobstructed access to the right of way. Please do not park vehicles along the work zone and remove any personal belongings from the right of way.
  • Rain or inclement weather could cause delays.

Brandywine Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant - SBR Project

The project will consist of developing a wastewater infiltration effluent disposal system along with treatment plant modifications to meet total nitrogen limits for the Brandywine Bay Waste Water Treatment Plant.

 Carolina Water Service of North Carolina (CWSNC) owns and operates the Brandywine Bay wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), a 0.150 Million Gallons per Day (MGD) wastewater treatment facility in Morehead City, North Carolina. This facility currently serves approximately 800 homes in Morehead City. 

The current Department of Water Quality (DWQ) permit approves land application to the Brandywine Bay golf course. However, over the years the golf course did not need supplemental irrigation and the effluent was stored in the two effluent ponds located on the WWTP property. Effluent storage in these ponds was never an issue since the holding ponds acted as an infiltration basin. 

During an inspection in 2017, the DWQ regulator noted that the effluent from the plant was no longer being sprayed on the golf course and issued an Notice of Violation with Intent order violation mandating the effluent revert back to the golf course for land application. As a result of the inspection, an engineering analysis and hydrological survey were conducted to determine if Brandywine Bay WWTP property’s soils are conducive for land application. 

Project Need
The wastewater treatment system is in dire need of an upgrade for the safety of our operators, to maintain compliance with State regulations, and to increase the reliability of the system.

The proposed solution for improved treatment is to convert the plant to a sequencing batch reactor (SBR), similar to the Connestee Falls treatment facility. 

Construction is slated to begin tentatively in 2021 and timelines will be updated on this site.

Bradfield Farms - Wastewater Collection System Rehab Project

April 14, 2022, through June 30, 2022, a  wastewater collection system rehabilitation project is slated to begin in your community. 


As a result, the work will include miscellaneous construction activities such as excavation and backfill, asphalt pavement removal and replacement, site restoration, flow control and bypass pumping, and traffic control. This project includes the installation of approximately 9,500 linear feet of sewer main.

Customers should anticipate contractor vehicles on site including pickup trucks, excavation equipment, trailers, and dump trucks.

If any traffic changes are scheduled, you will receive a notification and this information will  be posted on our social media and website.

Working hours are 8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. Monday through Friday.

The schedule of streets is as follows:

06-Jun-22 009 010 Spandril Lane
06-Jun-22 014 016 Renda Court
06-Jun-22 014 017 Scrimshaw Lane

07-Jun-22 025 029 Easement (SW of Reedy Creek Rd)

08-Jun-22 019 023 Jardin Way
08-Jun-22 020 024 Reynard Lane

09-Jun-22 022 026 Easement (East of Northgate Trail Dr)
09-Jun-22 023 027 Nicolette Court

10-Jun-22 026 030 Scuppermong

13-Jun-22 028 032 Jardin Way

14-Jun-22 030 035 Jardin Way 
14-Jun-22 031 036 Scarlet Runner Drive

15-Jun-22 033 039 Easement (West of Scarlet Runner Dr

16-Jun-22 011 012 Scrimshaw Lane
16-Jun-22 015 018 Reedy Creek Road

17-Jun-22 037 021 Reedy Creek Road

Thank you for your patience as we work to provide reliable sewer service for the Bradfield Farms Community. For additional information, please contact Deb Clark at or call 704.525.1620

Carolina Trace Wastewater Treatment Plant Replacement

Carolina Water Service, Inc. of North Carolina (CWSNC) owns and operates the Carolina Trace Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), a 0.675 Million Gallons per Day (MGD) wastewater treatment facility in Sanford, North Carolina. This WWTP consists of one (1) DAVCO 0.325 MGD package plant and one (1) DAVCO 0.350 MGD package plant. This facility currently serves approximately 1,600 homes in Lee County.

In September of 2018, Hurricane Florence hit Sanford, North Carolina flooding the Carolina Trace wastewater treatment facility and causing irreparable damage to the 0.325 MGD plant by floating the plant off its foundation. This plant is no longer operable. As required by the operating permit NC0038831 a new 0.325 MGD package plant will need to be installed to maintain compliance.

CWSNC proposes to replace the damaged wastewater treatment tank with an identical tank, at the same location and elevation. The below ground foundation for the steel tank will be designed to resist the uplift and hydrodynamic forces of the floodwaters. There will be no change in the regulatory flood elevation due to the replacement of the tank, as tank’s position in the non-encroachment area will replicate the original tank’s location that was used in the FEMA flood study. 

Project Need
The wastewater treatment system is in dire need of an upgrade for the safety of our operators, to maintain compliance with State regulations, and to increase the reliability of the system

Construction and completion dates to be updated as soon as possible.

Old Photos
ct wwtp 2

Carolina trace wwto

Clarifier     Bulkhead Wall

Bear Paw Lift Station Replacement Project

Carolina Water Service, Inc. of North Carolina (CWSNC) owns and operates the Bear Paw Resort wastewater collection system. The project consists of converting the Bear Paw subdivision lift station #1, which serves 23 condominium units, from a suction lift station to a submersible lift station. The proposed lift station is comprised of (2) 15 HP 208 volt pumps, controls and the valve vault. The lift station flows are pumped to the wastewater collection manhole, which flows to the Bear Paw WWTP. This portion of the project is for the construction phase.

The age of the station is approximately 26 years and exceeds the typical life expectancy of a lift station. The station is hard piped to the pumps with no ability to replace pumps unless all piping is disabled, which is very time-consuming and requires a pump truck onsite to prevent overflow to the Appalachia Lake.

Project Need
The old wet can system is in dire need of an upgrade for the safety of our operators and to increase the reliability of the system

Old Lift Station

Timeline for construction to be added soon.