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Water Safety

  • Summary 435x245 Cross Connections Hot Tub Jets

    Cross Connections

    Changes in pressure can draw water from your home's plumbing into the public water supply. Learn how to protect your community from accidental contamination.

  • Summary 435x245 Lead & Lead Service Lines

    Lead & Lead Service Lines

    Lead is a toxic metal, once used in household plumbing. Learn about lead in drinking water and a simple test to find if your home may have a lead service line.

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    PFAS Substances

    The EPA has identified Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) as a public health concern. Water utilities are working with the EPA to address this concern.

  • Summary 435x245 Water Heaters

    Water Heater Safety

    Water heaters require periodic maintenance to ensure they’re working properly and safely. Learn how to check yours quickly and easily.

  • Summary 435x245 Water Meters & Leaks

    Water Meters & Leak Detection

    Learn how water meters work, where they’re located, and how to use yours to detect leaks in your plumbing system. Conserve and save!

  • Summary 435x245 Water Quality Water Pitcher

    Water Quality

    Learn about U.S. EPA water quality standards and how regulated utilities ensure your drinking water is safe.

  • Summary 435x245 Water Quality Advisories Boiling Kettle

    Water Quality Advisories

    Occasionally, water quality is affected by natural events or human activities. Learn what  measures we take to protect the community when these occur.

  • Summary 435x245 Water Quality Reports

    Water Quality Reports

    Under U.S. EPA legislation, all regulated utilities must conduct yearly drinking water testing. Your community’s reports can be found here.