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Great Basin Water Co. Investing $13.5 million in Upgrades

Great Basin Water Co. is addressing critical water and wastewater investments to upgrade the local water and wastewater systems. Approximately $13.5 million of investment is underway including over 23,000 feet of water main installation.

Sean Twomey, President of Great Basin Water Co., said, “While much of the country’s water and wastewater systems often go unnoticed, they deliver life-sustaining and public health support every single day. These systems are aging and need continuous investment to avoid crisis situations like we’ve seen in communities where investment needs are ignored. At Great Basin Water Co., we work hard to upgrade our local systems so our customers can continue to trust the service we deliver now and in the future. Our customers support these important investments by paying their bill.”

According to Twomey, investments include, among others, the following:

- Installing over four miles of water main in areas prone to water main breaks and where pipe needs to be upsized to help support demand and reliability.

- Consolidating two water systems to provide critical redundancy.

- Rehabbing, constructing and testing several wells.

- Rehabbing other infrastructure including a water tank for reliable water pressure.

Rob Powelson, President and CEO of National Association of Water Companies (NAWC) said, “Communities nationwide are facing massive fiscal challenges to replace water and wastewater infrastructure and effectively manage their systems. Water-related services are extremely capital intensive – more so than electric, natural gas and telecom – which is why it is important water companies take a proactive investment strategy to ensure our country’s water future. We commend Great Basin Water Co. for their continued focus on investment that goes a long way toward ensuring safety and reliability.”

If a Great Basin Water Co. customer is impacted by construction in their community, the utility will provide important information about any action needed. To ensure customer alerts and notifications are received, customers are encouraged to sign up for online account management via My Utility Account. At My Utility Account, customers can set their alert notification preferences, sign up for paperless billing, pay their bill and more. To learn more about Great Basin Water Co. or to sign up for My Utility Account, visit

About Great Basin Water Co.  
Great Basin Water Co. is a private water and wastewater utility provider delivering safe and reliable service to customers across the state of Nevada. Great Basin Water Co. cares about the health and wellbeing of customers, employees and the environment. Employees actively contribute to the communities where they live and work. This commitment is expressed in the Company Purpose, "We help people enjoy a better life and communities thrive." For more information visit Great Basin Water Co.’s website.