CWS of NC in the Community

Every Carolina Water Service, Inc. of North Carolina employee is personally engaged in the success of our local communities. Through our commitment to providing safe, reliable water and wastewater services and our active investments in water system infrastructure, we play an integral role in the lives of our customers - every day! We recognize the value of water and our connection to the health and well-being of everyone we serve.

We also strive to lend a helping hand to those across the state who need our support. Members of our CWSNC team often volunteer with local nonprofits, civic groups, and charitable organizations that offer much-needed resources and assistance.

Look through our photo gallery and visit our Flickr page for more images of CWSNC in your community. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or Spotify too: our social media platforms are a great way to learn more about the work we do, the water resources we protect, and how you can join the conversation.