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Sunshine Water Upgrading Meter Infrastructure

Sunshine Water Services (SWS) will be upgrading current water meters to Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) for all SWS water customers.

Throughout 2024, you will see our teams working in your neighborhood to implement new AMI meters. Prior to any work being done, we will send alerts via My Utility Account. Please ensure your contact information is up-to-date so you receive all important notifications.

Benefits of AMI "Smart Meter" Technology

• Detection of leaks and customer notification through My Utility Account
• Elimination of manual and estimated meter reads, reduction of human error
• Fewer high-bill cases because customers will have more information to evaluate their usage
• Greenhouse gas reductions with the reduction of “truck rolls” to obtain manual meter reads

AMI is a new "smart" water metering system that provides remote meter reading capabilities. AMI meters send a signal, either via cellular or a LoRaWAN (low-power, wide area networking protocol) collector which feeds the overall system with the meter reads and other details.

AMI "Smart Meter" technology, when used with the My Utility Account app/portal, will allow customers to monitor their residence for leaks and to be more aware of their usage when they are not home.

AMI "Smart Meter" FAQs

What are AMI Smart Meters?

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) is technology that allows smart water meters to communicate encrypted water usage information wirelessly using radio or cellular technology. The system is commonly referred to as smart meters. The resulting data is used to optimize operations, administration, and infrastructure management. AMI is becoming the standard for utilities around the country. AMI allows for accurate and faster collection of water readings and empowers customers to be better informed on their water usage.

How does it work?
These smart meters, have a small antenna is installed in the lid above the water meter. It is connected to the water meter and transmits a low-power radio signal to a data collector which relays the information to Sunshine Water Service customer service and billing staff.

What specific parts comprise the Smart Meters?
AMI consists of a number of components: Water meter – equipment that measures the water used at each location. Encoder register – device attached to the meter that converts water usage into electronic data. Small radio or cellular transmitter – typically mounted in the meter box lid, this transmitter sends encrypted water usage data back to Sunshine Water Services.

What are the overall benefits of the Smart Metering System?
Ultimately the AMI system reduces operating costs for meter reading and billing and improves customer service.

Direct benefits for customers include:
- Highly accurate data collection which decreases the possibility of incorrect meter readings.
- Timely information on water usage that allows SWS staff to provide better customer service.
- Timely identification of water leaks which reduces water waste and unnecessarily higher water bills due to these leaks.
- Multiple meter reads daily, instead of once every month.
- Transmission of information from water meters using low-power radio signals without staff having to open meter boxes or step onto a customer's property.
- Online access so customers can monitor and manage their water usage.

How will customer information be protected?
Meter information and usage data is encrypted using industry standard processes before being transmitted to SWS. Personal, identifiable information, such as name, address, bill account number, or credit/collection information, is not transmitted to or from the meter.

Will smart metering require new water meters for all residential customers?
To ensure consistency of AMI customer and operational benefits across our service jurisdiction, SWS Water plans to replace all roughly 36,000 meters during the AMI implementation.

Is smart metering technology safe?
AMI uses radio frequencies (RF) to communicate water usage information. Approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), this type of RF is commonly used in cell phones, TV remotes, Wi-Fi, baby and medical monitors, garage-door openers, and Bluetooth devices. For more information, please visit

When will this work be completed?
SWS’s smart metering project is scheduled to be completed by end of 2024.

Are there other utilities in this region using smart metering technology?
Yes. Many electric and gas utilities are already utilizing this technology.

When will customers be able to monitor their water use from AMI meters?
The customer-facing tools, such as the ability to monitor water usage, will be available at the completion of the project after the installation of all necessary infrastructure.

Please look for additional communication from us on how to use AMI meter data coming soon.