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Your Dollars at Work: Mid-County Wastewater Project Takes Flight

Sunshine Water Services’ (SWS) multi-million-dollar upgrade of our Mid-County Wastewater Treatment plant is underway.

Phase 1 of the $28 million makeover is going as well as expected at the facility, located in Pinellas County. Wastewater operations and services will be continuous throughout the planned construction and reconfiguration of the three-plus acre site.

SWS President Seán Twomey called the project a milestone in the company’s prudent plan to continue providing quality services through making significant investments in infrastructure.

“This is a vital facility for the community that has long been in need of repair,” said Twomey. “After an extensive planning and engineering phase, we are very pleased with the progress that’s being made. The completed plant will be able to treat wastewater to the highest standard, which is crucial to the environment and enables us to meet our permit requirements now and into the future.”

The Mid-County project is part of a larger capital improvements initiative being planned and orchestrated by Sunshine Water. The company is investing approximately $150 million across the state in water and wastewater infrastructure as part of a five-year plan to bring aging systems up to modern standards and to maintain all systems in optimal operating condition through upgrade and replacement programs. Sunshine customers essentially support these important investments via paying for water and wastewater services.

*SWS will continue to chronicle the progression of Sunshine Water’s Mid-County project and the advent of other capital improvement endeavors across all communication channels in the weeks and months to come.