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Water Smart

  • Summary 435x245 Wastewater Treatment Plant Aerial

    The 3 Ps of Flushing

    What you throw down toilets, sinks, and drains can harm your plumbing and your wastewater system. Flushing expert Patty Potty lays toilet flushing etiquette on the line.

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    Water Conservation

    When it comes to water conservation, every little drop really does count. Learn the simple things you can do around the home to save water... and money.

  • Summary 435x245 Environment Hoover Dam Water Shortages

    Water & Our Environment

    Water scarcity is already affecting many areas of the country. Learn about the water cycle,  climate change, and water stress in the U.S.

  • Summary 435x245 Three Pressure Valves

    Water & Wastewater Utility Systems

    Water and wastewater utilities are complex engineering systems most of us never see. Learn the basics of how these essential systems work.