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Friarsgate System Evaluation Under Way

In order to ensure continued reliable and dependable sewer service, Blue Granite Water Company began a thorough evaluation of its Friarsgate collection system in July 2017. That project is ongoing and will continue in the months ahead.

As part of the process, all of our manholes and sewer mains are inspected for leaks and other issues by a contractor using cameras as well as visual inspections. Prior to being inspected the sewer mains must be pressure washed using truck mounted pressure washers.

While this project has no impact on service to our customers, we want to be certain that you understand the activity that you may notice in your neighborhood. It is part of our normal practice to use contractors for projects such as this as well as for large maintenance projects that we take on. We do have teams of operators located throughout our service territory in South Carolina that respond 24/7 if local issues arise. 

If you have questions or concerns, please contact our customer service group at (800) 367-4314 or by email at