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Hurricane Irma

Sep 26, 2017
Although we are still seeing some effects from the heavy rainfall from Hurricane Irma, our systems are getting back to normal.  During the event we lost power to nearly all of our treatment plants, wells and lift stations but with the capital investments we have made and the implementation of our emergency response plans we were able to maintain service to over 95% of our customers.  That said, in an effort to maximize the lessons learned from Hurricane Irma, UIF staff has initiated a comprehensive evaluation of our emergency planning documents. Our prime objectives are to improve our means of communicating with customers in a timely way as well as identifying what can be done both in the short term and in the long term to minimize interruptions of service. This may include hardening our facilities against high winds, loss of power, and flooded roads that impede access to our facilities and the restoration of services. We will revise our operating protocols, enhance coordination with emergency operations staff and other utilities, invest capital strategically in our systems, and otherwise expand our resources. Thank you for your patience and cooperation throughout the post-Hurricane Irma recovery process.