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The following notice is for Galena customers only.

Customer Notice - Galena Territory


USI Oakwood Customers: Illinois EPA Lab Results

Oct 02, 2018

Galena Territory-Oakwood Lab Results

Please click the link above to view Final Microcystin and Cylindrospermopsin results for Galena Territory-Oakwood (IL1830600). These samples were collected on 09/27/18 and represented Raw at Water Plant (IN45012), and Finished TP01.  

A review of the analysis indicates that total Microcystin and Cylindrospermopsin were non-detect in all samples analyzed.

USI Oakwood Customers: EPA Inspection

Sep 28, 2018

Dear Oakwood Residents,

We invited Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) representatives to review and inspect our water treatment plant and water intake this past Tuesday and Thursday to evaluate both the algae content in the source water (Salt Fork River) as well as our treatment process. The EPA recognized a significant algal bloom in our source water and performed on-site testing of the raw water for a common algae contaminant, for which they did not detect. We will provide the written test results once we receive them, which should be early next week.

The EPA also provided guidance for recommended quantities of our new treatment chemicals which are meant to kill the algae and then absorb the algae and their byproducts. The treatment process and approved chemicals, which are designed to kill and break down the algae, cause the algae to release odorous byproducts. Powder activated carbon (PAC) is then added, which is approved by the EPA, in order to absorb algae and algae byproducts, to reduce and remove the odor in the water. It was determined that although the amount of the chemicals being used was increased to better control the recent algal bloom, the PAC should be increased by a greater margin to provide more adequate absorption. We have since increased the rate we are adding the PAC and will continue increasing the PAC and flushing the system until there is odorless water throughout the system, which we expect to take the remainder of the day and possibly into tomorrow.

We recognize that, although the transition to new chemicals which were a component of the treatment plant project successfully reduced disinfection byproducts, they have also resulted in complications for controlling the recent algal bloom. 

For that, we sincerely apologize for the disturbance it has caused the community and will again be including a credit on your next bills, in the amount of $25.00. We understand that providing a bill credit does not rectify this situation, which is why we will continue to improve our treatment process and will be installing additional safeguards to better ensure this does not happen again!

- Steve Lubertozzi, President

Please continue checking back here or on our Facebook page for new information. 

Customer Service 

USI Oakwood Customers: Algae Update

Sep 25, 2018
Dear Oakwood Residents, 

We believe the source of the recent water odor issues is a recent algal bloom in Salt Fork River. We surveyed the river today (with the EPA) and have noticed an abundance of algae growth. Although we do treat to remove the algae, some of their odor causing byproducts may be left behind. 

In response we have increased the levels of sodium permanganate (to control algae) and powdered activated carbon (to treat and reduce the taste and odor) treatment to address the taste and odor issues. We also treated the water reservoirs with additional copper sulfate to kill off any remaining algae. We will also continue to flush the system to help cycle through the water.

Regarding Flint references made in earlier posts, our water has consistently and repeatedly been tested and has passed all state and federal lead and copper limits. As shown in our CCR letter ( ), the water in your home is well under the 13 parts per million limit for copper and well under the 15 parts per billion limit for lead. 

Our recent sewer lining project is intended to reduce the amount of rainwater which enters into our sanitary sewer system. The inside of the sewers were video televised before and after the repairs were made, for quality control purposes, to ensure the repairs were properly performed. The sewer mains are all located at least 10 feet away from the water mains, and in many cases run on opposite sides of the street from the water mains. In addition the water mains are highly pressurized. There is no possibility for any cross-contamination to occur. 

We are also working to get bottled water for distribution and will provide an update once we have obtained adequate supply.

Please continue checking back here or on our Facebook page for new information. 

Customer Service 

USI Oakwood Customers: Ongoing Construction

Aug 08, 2018

Due to unforeseen issues with our equipment provider, our treatment system is at reduced production capability. As a result, when we try to meet high system demand, the chemicals we are using to absorb the taste and odor compounds are less effective which may result in taste, odor or water discoloration. Our plant operational staff is working extended shifts to try and resolve the issues. In the meantime, please take the necessary steps to conserve water through the next several days.

Reducing the system water demand will allow our remaining treatment system to provide better water quality. Construction modifications are ongoing and are anticipated to continue through the second week of August.

Beginning at 3:00 PM this afternoon we will resume distribution of bottled water from our water treatment plant located at 15124 N 850 E Rd., until approximately 7 PM. We are able to hand out 3 gallons per household until our supplies run low.

Should you have any questions or concerns during this time, please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-831-2359.

USI Oakwood Customers: Replacing Filtration Treatment Equipment

Aug 01, 2018

We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience caused by our maintenance project. 

The Company has been working to replace our filtration treatment equipment at our water treatment plant.  

We have two treatment lines at our treatment plant and to perform the work, one treatment line needs to remain in service while the other is worked on.

The objective of this project is to reduce taste and odor in the water, unfortunately as work began on one of the treatment lines, it was recognized that the vendor sent the incorrect parts for the filtration equipment. We believe the taste and odor is due to the poor filtration that was occurring on the one treatment line that remained in service while the other was being worked on. Both treatment lines are back in service and the taste and odor issues should be lessened. However, you may still experience some taste and odor in the water until the project is completed. Our water treatment plant was inspected by the EPA on July 26th and no deficiencies were noted.

Our operators are out in the system flushing daily and will continue to flush daily until the issue is resolved. We are working with our equipment provider to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience and are moving quickly to correct the issue. We will provide status updates to the community informing them of progress.

Please check the USI - Oakwood Facebook page for further updates, or you can contact customer service for any questions.