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Benefits of Advanced Metering Infrastructure are:

1) Improves Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction
a. Reduce the number of estimated reads
b. Reduce billing cycles and customer service time
c. Review a customer’s water usage with 96 days of consumption history
d. Provide exact dates of high usage and zero use to customers

2) Improves Reading and Bill Accuracy
a. Instantaneous handling of final bills and high-bill investigations or inquiries
b. Reduce the number of estimated reads
c. Reduces the number of manual errors

3) Improves Operational Efficiencies
a. Automated data collection process for AMR and AMI allows resources to be allocated to other areas in the utility
b. Fast and easy access to data used to resolve water related issues and proactive decision making 

Did You Know?

If all U.S. households practiced water conservation measures and installed water saving features such as low-flow shower heads or faucet aerators, water use would decrease by 30 percent, saving an estimated 5.4 billion gallons per day.

Did You Know?

  • The average family of four uses 255 gallons of water a day, 1,785 gallons a week, and 7,650 gallons per month.
  • A single toilet flush uses approximately 5-7 gallons of water.
  • Taking a shower will use approximately 5-10 gallons per minute. A 15-minute shower will use 75-150 gallons.
  • Your kitchen or bathroom sink uses approximately 4-5 gallons a minute.
  • One dishwasher load uses approximately 4-5 gallons a minute.
  • Washing clothes uses approximately 35 gallons per load. 

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