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How Your Water Meter Is Read

Our meters are all read monthly only.

Meter readings are either manually entered into an electronic meter reading device or electronically read by a laptop or radio read.  The meter reads are then uploaded into the billing system and posted to the customer’s account.  Our billing system then generates a bill with schedules on file.

If you have additional questions or need further assistance, please contact the customer service number located on your bill, or click here to contact us online.

How to Read Your Water Meter 

Understanding how to read your water meter can help your home or business save on water use or identify water leaks.

  1. Your water meter is typically located near the curb in front of your property in a box marked “water” or in a meter pit with a cast iron lid. Carefully remove the meter box lid by using a tool such as a large screwdriver. 

    How Your Water Meter is Read_Ground Box_1

  2. Once the lid has been removed, lift the protective cap on the water meter to reveal the face of the meter.

  3. On a typical residential meter, each rotation of the dial measures 10 gallons. Read the display from left to right, including the stationary zero (the blue zero in the photo).

    How Your Water Meter is Read_Meter_3

    Water consumption charges are based on the number of gallons you use during a billing period. Compare that reading to what your bill states as your current reading.

    If your reading is considerably higher than the reading on your utility bill, check for a leak or try to determine the source of large water use.

    If your reading is significantly lower than the reading on your utility bill, contact Corix Utilities Texas at 1-877-718-4396 to request a meter re-read.