Gas Customers

Information for Corix Texas Gas Customers 

RRC Rule 7.45 (2) (A) (vi) and (vii):

Customers have the right to request, and be provided free of charge, information regarding the following:

        (I) the customer's right to information concerning rates and services and the customer's right to inspect or obtain at reproduction cost a copy of the applicable tariffs and service rules;

        (II) the customer's right to have his or her meter checked without charge under paragraph (7) of this section, if applicable;

        (III) the time allowed to pay outstanding bills;

        (IV) grounds for termination of service;

        (V) the steps the utility must take before terminating service;

        (VI) how the customer can resolve billing disputes with the utility and how disputes and health emergencies may affect termination of service;

        (VII) information on alternative payment plans offered by the utility;

        (VIII) the steps necessary to have service reconnected after involuntary termination;

        (IX) the appropriate regulatory authority with whom to register a complaint and how to contact such authority;

        (X) the hours, addresses, and telephone numbers of utility offices where bills may be paid and information may be obtained; and

        (XI) the customer's right to be instructed by the utility how to read his or her meter;

For any additional questions or concerns, please contact our customer service office at
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