Gas Customers

To All Existing Gas Customers

Those customers who have had service prior to April 2017 have a gas service which has a manual shut off valve. However, you may request an Excess Flow Valve or EFV. EFVs are designed to automatically stop the flow of natural gas from a broken service line. Stopping the flow of natural gas from a broken service line significantly reduces the risk of a natural gas incident that could result in personal injury and/or property damage. EFVs are not designed to protect against gas leaks occurring within your home’s piping.

To install the valve, Corix Utilities (Texas) will stop your natural gas service and excavate your service line, install the valve, and backfill the excavation. We will then restore natural gas service to your home. Corix Utilities (Texas) requires someone over the age of 18 to be present at the time of natural gas restoration. Customers requesting an EFV will be provided with an estimated cost of installation. EFVs are designed to be maintenance free but should it malfunction Corix Utilities (Texas) will replace it free of charge.

To request an EFV please contact customer service at 877-718-4396. An operator will then contact you to look at your installation and assess whether it is possible to install one. Due to operating characteristics and limitations, in some instances, EFVs cannot be installed. If it is possible the operator will schedule a mutually agreeable date for the installation. The cost of the EFV must be paid before installation can occur.

Information for Corix Texas Gas Customers 

RRC Rule 7.45 (2) (A) (vi) and (vii):

Customers have the right to request, and be provided free of charge, information regarding the following:

        (I) the customer's right to information concerning rates and services and the customer's right to inspect or obtain at reproduction cost a copy of the applicable tariffs and service rules;

        (II) the customer's right to have his or her meter checked without charge under paragraph (7) of this section, if applicable;

        (III) the time allowed to pay outstanding bills;

        (IV) grounds for termination of service;

        (V) the steps the utility must take before terminating service;

        (VI) how the customer can resolve billing disputes with the utility and how disputes and health emergencies may affect termination of service;

        (VII) information on alternative payment plans offered by the utility;

        (VIII) the steps necessary to have service reconnected after involuntary termination;

        (IX) the appropriate regulatory authority with whom to register a complaint and how to contact such authority;

        (X) the hours, addresses, and telephone numbers of utility offices where bills may be paid and information may be obtained; and

        (XI) the customer's right to be instructed by the utility how to read his or her meter;

For any additional questions or concerns, please contact our customer service office at
(877) 718-4396 or by email at