Drought Contingency Plan

The following systems are now in Stage 1 -Mild Shortage Conditions
(Voluntary Measures)

Bonanza Beach
Lake Buchanan
Lakeside Beach
Mitchell County
Northeast Washington County
Paradise Point
Quail Creek
Ridge Harbor
Sandy Harbor
Smithwick Mills
Spicewood Beach
Summit Springs
Tow Village

(This applies to all our water systems except Matagorda and Alleyton.)

Our Drought Contingency Plan outlines the drought restrictions for utilities owned by Corix Utilities Texas.


- Washing of walkways and driveways is prohibited.
- Repair all leaks immediately. 
Voluntary Measures:
- Water landscaped areas twice weekly, Odd numbered addresses on Monday and Thursday, Even number addresses on Tuesday and Fridays
- Water between midnight and 10 am and 7 pm to midnight.