About Us

Who We Are

Mission Statement

At Corix Utilities Texas, we are committed to providing safe, reliable and cost effective service to our customers, a safe, challenging and enjoyable work environment for our employees, and a fair return for our shareholders; all with the underlying commitment to act with integrity, protect the environment and enhance the communities we serve.

Who We Serve

Corix Utilities Texas is focused on local impact. We aim to not only serve communities throughout Texas, we pride ourselves on being an active partner within our communities. Through extraordinary leadership, industry expertise and local priorities, Corix Utilities Texas has been able to show we are a reliable, privately owned, provider of your gas, water and wastewater utilities.

Operational Expertise

Corix Utilities Texas is experienced in managing virtually every type of water and wastewater facility as well as gas facilities, from the most fundamental to the most advanced equipment and processes. Our state-certified managers and operating field staff ensure the quality of our services and the integrity of our systems.

Our Leadership

The Corix Utilities Texas management team is uniquely comprised of people from diverse backgrounds who have years of utility and non-utility experience in major industrial, financial, engineering, and consulting companies, both public and private. This significant insight enables Corix Utilities Texas to make informed, streamlined decisions and act quickly when opportunities arise.