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Water Service Corporation of KY Announces New Logo and Website

Apr 26, 2022


Dear Customer,

Water Service Corporation of Kentucky has been providing water service in Kentucky since 2002. You are receiving this notice because we have some exciting news to share with you. We are pleased to announce that effective May 2nd, 2022, we will begin a new era with an updated, refreshed WSCKY logo and website:

As a current customer of Water Service Corporation of Kentucky, there is no need for you to take action in order to continue receiving water utility service. You will still receive the same great service at the same rates, terms, and conditions as you do today once we have updated the company logo and website.


The new logo design – flowing water and the shape of Kentucky – reinforces the fact that our company is an essential part of the communities where we operate with local staff, local decision-making and local operational accountability. Launching our new logo follows our steps to provide you with ongoing service improvements, upgrades in our online and digital platforms and a renewed commitment to further invest in critical infrastructure in the coming years.

Please, “pardon our dust” during this process over the next few months as you will see a change to our trucks, uniforms, bills, and website. We thank you for being a customer of ours and look forward to continuing to serve you!


Seth Whitney

President, Water Service Corporation of Kentucky