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USI Oakwood Customers: Algae Update

Sep 25, 2018
Dear Oakwood Residents, 

We believe the source of the recent water odor issues is a recent algal bloom in Salt Fork River. We surveyed the river today (with the EPA) and have noticed an abundance of algae growth. Although we do treat to remove the algae, some of their odor causing byproducts may be left behind. 

In response we have increased the levels of sodium permanganate (to control algae) and powdered activated carbon (to treat and reduce the taste and odor) treatment to address the taste and odor issues. We also treated the water reservoirs with additional copper sulfate to kill off any remaining algae. We will also continue to flush the system to help cycle through the water.

Regarding Flint references made in earlier posts, our water has consistently and repeatedly been tested and has passed all state and federal lead and copper limits. As shown in our CCR letter ( ), the water in your home is well under the 13 parts per million limit for copper and well under the 15 parts per billion limit for lead. 

Our recent sewer lining project is intended to reduce the amount of rainwater which enters into our sanitary sewer system. The inside of the sewers were video televised before and after the repairs were made, for quality control purposes, to ensure the repairs were properly performed. The sewer mains are all located at least 10 feet away from the water mains, and in many cases run on opposite sides of the street from the water mains. In addition the water mains are highly pressurized. There is no possibility for any cross-contamination to occur. 

We are also working to get bottled water for distribution and will provide an update once we have obtained adequate supply.

Please continue checking back here or on our Facebook page for new information. 

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