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Lake Tarpon - Change in Disinfection Process

Sep 18, 2020

Utilities, Inc. of Florida, in coordination with Pinellas County Utilities, will temporarily
switch its disinfection system from chloramination (chlorine + ammonia) to chlorine
only on Sunday, September 20, 2020 and continue using this disinfection method
until Friday, October 9, 2020 At that time, the Utility will once again use ammonia
in conjunction with chlorine. Before the Utility begins using ammonia again, you will
be provided with a separate notification at least 24 hours in advance of the change
in the disinfection process.

The Lake Tarpon water system uses chloramination (chlorine + ammonia) as a
disinfection method that is consistent with the same disinfection method used by
Pinellas County Utilities. This is because Pinellas County Utilities provides a backup
water supply to Lake Tarpon in the event of an emergency condition or power failure
at Lake Tarpon’s water supply well. By using the same disinfection process, the
interconnection between the two systems can function automatically and thus avoid
any interruption of service.

Why is the disinfection process being changed?
During the 19-day period identified above, Pinellas County Utilities will utilize free
chlorine temporarily as part of their routine distribution system maintenance
program. Because the Lake Tarpon water system is interconnected with Pinellas
County Utilities’ water system as an emergency water supply source, Utilities Inc. of
Florida will adjust its disinfection process simultaneously.

Why is chloramination used for disinfection at Lake Tarpon Village?
While chloramination is an effective alternative to free chlorine in disinfecting drinking
water, it substantially reduces the production of certain disinfection byproducts such
as trihalomethanes (THMs) and haloacetic acids (HAAs) that may otherwise form in
the presence of free chlorine. Converting to free chlorine for about one month
followed by flushing of the system will serve to remove the buildup of organic nitrogen
compounds that may occur over time in the distribution system due to the use of
ammonia in the normal disinfection process.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience. If you
should have any questions or concerns, please contact our Customer Service Department at (866) 842-8432

Summertree Free Chlorine Burn

Sep 18, 2020

The disinfection process utilized by Utilities, Inc. of Florida in Summertree will be temporarily modified beginning on Monday, September 21, 2020 and ending on Monday, October 12,2020.

You will also receive a reverse call out to all residences that have an up to date phone
number in our system as well. We will provide you with another notification of when the burnhas ended. This temporary change from chloramine disinfection to free chlorine disinfection (a “burn”) is a routine maintenance measure designed to optimize water quality. Kidney-dialysis patients should not be impacted by this temporary change in the disinfection process, but if you have any concerns or questions, please contact your dialysis care provider directly for more information. If you have an aquarium, it should not be affected if you already have a system in place to remove chlorine and ammonia from the water, but should you have any concerns, please contact your local pet supplier with any questions.

This temporary change in the disinfection system is not due to any bacteriological
contamination problems. You do not need to boil your water before using it and the water is perfectly safe to drink. This maintenance activity is designed to maintain distribution system water quality by proactively removing any buildup of nitrogen compounds from our network of water pipes. The water we deliver to you will continue to meet federal and state standards for potable water. You may notice a slight difference in taste and/or odor of the water during this temporary change in the disinfection method. Another benefit will be the optimization of the volume of water that we use for flushing our water mains after we revert back to chloramine disinfection. Flushing activity is scheduled so that an adequate amount of residual chlorine is present throughout the distribution system at all times as required by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and appreciate your patience. If you should have any questions or concerns, please contact our Customer Service Department at (866) 842-8432.

Update Regarding Irrigation Audits

May 22, 2020
Due to #COVID19 social distancing we will not be conducting irrigation audits when the control box is on the interior of a residence (including the garage).

We are working to keep our team healthy so we are able to continue to deliver quality water
service to our customers.

If you have any questions please reach out to Customer Service. Thank you!

Notice of Application for Amendment to Certificate of Authorization to Extend Service Area

Jan 24, 2020
Docket No. 20190199-WS - Application for quick-take of amendment of Certificate Nos. 278-W and 225-S to add territory in Seminole County by Utilities, Inc. of Florida

Notice is hereby given on the January 24, 2020 day of January, 2020, pursuant to Section 367.045, Florida Statutes, and Section 25-30.036, Florida Administrative Code, of the Application for quick take amendment of Water and Wastewater Certificates in Seminole County by Utilities, Inc. of Florida, 200 Weathersfield Ave., Altamonte Springs, Florida 32714 to provide water and wastewater service in Section 8, Township 21 South, Range 29 East, generally consisting of the address 2661 Sand Lake Road, Longwood, FL 32779. This legal description has been simplified and to obtain a copy of the exact legal description please contact Martin Friedman at 407-310-2077 or

Any objections to the Application must be made in writing and filed with the Commission
Clerk, Office of Commission Clerk, Florida Public Service Commission, 2540 Shumard Oak Boulevard, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0850, no later than February 24, 2020, with a copy to Martin S. Friedman, Esquire, Dean Mead, 420 S. Orange Ave., Suite 700, Orlando, Florida 32801. The objection must state the grounds for the objection with particularity.

Utilities, Inc. of Florida
200 Weathersfield Ave.
Altamonte Springs, FL 32714
Phone: (866) 842-8432

Wekiva Customers: Water Testing Complete

Oct 10, 2019

UPDATE 10/28/2019:
Our water sample testing following this incident has concluded. Results have determined that bacteria levels are normal.

Thank you for your patience!

Altamonte Springs, FL
– Utilities, Inc. of Florida (UIF) has issued a Public Notice to the Florida Department of Environment Protection (FDEP) of a Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) that occurred Tuesday night October 8, from approximately 10:00 pm until approximately 5:00 am Wednesday, October 9, 2019. We would first like to offer our sincerest apologies for this incident. The SSO was caused by malfunctions of equipment at the initial stage of wastewater treatment processing.

We have made temporary modifications to prevent another spill and are taking the necessary steps to make the changes permanent.

Please click here to download this notice as a PDF.

Stop Utility Scammers!

Aug 16, 2019
Utility scams are on the rise!

If you receive a suspicious e-mail, call or text from someone claiming to be from your water company, reach out to our Customer Service team before sharing any personal or financial information. 


Notification of Treatment Change to Chlorine Dioxide

May 30, 2019
This notice is an update to our previous notice. Utilities Inc. of Florida – Lake Utility Services (“UIF”) is actively working with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (“FDEP”) towards improvements in your water supply treatment facility. Recently, the consulting engineering firm, Kimley-Horn and UIF evaluated and demonstrated a new pre-treatment system to reduce disinfection by-products (DBPs) known as Total Trihalomethanes (TTHMs). An initial testing program, as part of a comprehensive study, of the proposed system was conducted and has shown favorable results for a significant reduction of TTHMs.

This new proposed system involves adding an alternative form of chlorine (chlorine dioxide), as a pre-treatment at UIF’s Greater Groves treatment facility (Public Water System No. 3354881). Chlorine dioxide has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) and the FDEP for use as pre-treatment in drinking water.
Liquid chlorine (sodium hypochlorite) will still be used as the primary disinfectant following the chlorine dioxide addition. In order to more effectively study the benefits of the new treatment, a 6-week pilot testing program was completed and demonstrated successful results. As such, UIF applied for and received approval to implement the pre-treatment system for the potable water supply. The new chlorine dioxide system involves equipment that mixes and injects chlorine dioxide in the water supply at UIF’s Greater Groves treatment facility.

Customers on dialysis are advised to contact their physician to obtain the appropriate steps needed to accommodate the change in water treatment to chlorine dioxide pre-treatment. Customers who have fish tanks or aquatic species are advised to contact their pet store or aquarium dealer to avoid any problems associated with chlorine dioxide pre-treatment.

The chlorine dioxide treatment equipment will be placed in service no sooner than 7 days from the distribution date of this notice. You should not notice any difference in water quality, yet the supply will be safe and meet the drinking water requirements of the FDEP with reduced TTHM’s.

The new chlorine dioxide pre-treatment system will be monitored daily per federal EPA and state FDEP drinking water regulations. The system is expected to continue to demonstrate the effectiveness of chlorine dioxide pre-treatment to reduce TTHM’s.

Should you have any questions, the point of contact for Utilities Inc. of Florida – Lake Utility Services is Scotty Haws. Scotty can be reached at 866.842.8432 ext. 1362 or by email

Click here to download the full notice