Rebates Offered by Great Basin Water Co.

Oct 01, 2020
Great Basin Water Co. is dedicated to promoting water conservation through public outreach, customer education and responsible stewardship. Our state's desert climate, growing population, and ongoing drought conditions make water efficiency critical.

When you change out older non-efficient faucets, toilets and water appliances for new water conscious ones, GBWC will credit your bill.

Customers who install new WaterSense labeled high efficiency 1.28 gallons per flush (GPF) toilets (limit 2) can qualify for a credit of $50 each (limit $100).

Additionally, switching to a WaterSense bathroom faucet can earn up to $50 credit for 2 faucets, while 2 shower heads can earn $15 each. Finally, buying a new Energy Star washing machine can earn customers a onetime credit of $75.

There are also bill credits available to changes made to outdoor water use. Installation of a WaterSense labeled weather-based irrigation control is worth a $75 credit. Additionally, one of the largest bill credits offered is for the removal of Tamarisk (Salt Cedar) trees. Salt cedars are very drought-tolerant plants that send long deep roots (30 feet is not unusual) to exploit groundwater deposits.

Not only are they depleting the groundwater supplies, they release salt crystals that poison the soil disrupting the growth of other foliage. You can receive a credit for removal of these trees from your property ranging from $75 a piece up to $300.

Please visit the GBWC website at for all the terms and conditions, and applications for each offer.

Or contact GBWC at for more information on water conservation and rebates available.