Water Conservation Survey: We Need Your Feedback!

Jul 02, 2020

Great Basin Water Co. is conducting a survey to identify and evaluate changes in water conservation perceptions, attitudes and behaviors - we will use the results to determine how we may better promote water conservation among our customers.

Why is this important?

Nevada is the driest state in the United States, with an average annual precipitation rate of 9.5 inches.  As the population continues to grow, the state’s water demands are projected to increase 85 percent by 2065. Available surface and groundwater supplies are increasingly strained due to numerous factors including climate change. Water of acceptable quality is increasingly hard to find because local sources are allocated to prior uses, depleted by over-pumping, or diminished by drought stress.

Finding ways to decrease water demand and increase alternative water supplies (such as greywater, green infrastructure, and onsite water recycling) is a task that happens most effectively in the land development process, not once a building is already in place. In almost all cases, it is far more cost-effective to implement these alternative water-supply options and water conservation practices at the beginning of development as compared to retrofitting them at a later date.  

In short, Nevada’s desert climate, growing population, and ongoing drought conditions stress the state’s existing water supply, making water efficiency critical!

Please take our brief survey today and reach out to with any questions.