Upcoming GBWC Rate Case in Spring Creek

Jul 02, 2020

Earlier this month, Great Basin Water Co. (GBWC) filed a rate case for our Spring Creek Division. To determine if rates are reasonable and just, GBWC is required by the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada (PUCN) to present a rate case every three years. At the conclusion of our last rate case, three years ago, the average rates for residential water service decreased 8.31%. GBWC’s recent proposal requests an average increase of 6.85% for residential water service and approximately a 6.3% increase for residential sewer service. As a public utility, GBWC has an obligation to continue to deliver safe and reliable water and wastewater services at the lowest reasonable cost. The PUCN is charged with determining if the utility has acted to balance between these goals.

While we understand there is never a good time to increase rates, these rates are based on the actual and complete costs of providing safe and reliable water and wastewater services and will be thoroughly examined by the PUCN and its staff (as well as the Bureau of Consumer Protection) prior to impacting you.

Now that the rate case has been filed, there will be an opportunity to voice your concerns as a customer. Part of the rate case process is to hold a consumer session. A rate case is very closely analyzed by the PUCN staff and the BCP, before the rate increase can go into effect. Together we share the goal of a safe, dependable supply of safe drinking water at the lowest possible price consistent with prudent business practices.

To learn more about how rates are set, read the article “How Are My Rates Set? – Part 1 of 3 of Spring Creek Water Fundamentals” further down this page.