About Us

Environmental Stewardship

Utilities, Inc. has placed the health of our environment at the forefront of our operations. Our engineering experts utilizes industry-leading technologies to design, operate, and maintain high-quality water and wastewater systems that meet the strictest environmental health standards.

One of the ways Utilities, Inc. helps safeguard the environment is by providing reclaimed (non-potable) water for irrigation purposes—an ecologically sound practice that “recycles” wastewater through a highly engineered treatment system. Though reclaimed water is not suitable for drinking, it is often of a higher quality than many existing surface and groundwater sources and is excellent for a variety of uses such as golf course and parkland irrigation. (See Water Treatment, Distribution, and Reclamation for more detail.)

Today, with increasing demand for clean water supplies and heightened purity standards, protecting the environment is one of our most fundamental objectives. Utilities, Inc. faithfully believes in creating and maintaining the health and integrity of our most precious resources. By practicing conscientious water stewardship today, we create a healthier environment for future generations.