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Lake Wylie Water Conservation Schedule - Frequently Asked Questions

Jun 03, 2019

Lake Wylie Water Conservation Schedule – Frequently Asked Questions

  • A lot of customers feel that they have not been given a good explanation of what the issue is and why we needed to go to this schedule.
    • Because of customer growth and increase in customer demand, Blue Granite Water Company is experiencing heightened water demand in its Lake Wylie area system.  This increased demand coupled with supply constraints from our water supplier, York County, has necessitated the imposition of a conservation protocol for non-essential water use by our customers. The new conservation schedule will help ensure all customers have access to water for essential water uses and fire protection.
  • Water quality concerns
    • Although you may have experienced low pressure, the water we deliver to your home meets all standards set forth by DHEC.
  • Will there be any exemptions for homeowners who have just planted grass or sod and need it to get established?
    • Although we understand the need to irrigate a new lawn, we will not be allowing any exemptions to ensure that there is sufficient water supply reserved for essential use, such as drinking, bathing and cooking.
  • What are the enforcement measures and what regulations state that we can enforce this?
    • Non-compliance with the conservation protocol could result in suspension of water service. Under South Carolina Public Service Commission regulation, 103-772 and 103-735, Blue Granite has the right to restrict water use if excessive use could have a negative impact on the water system and other customers.
  • York County or Rock Hill does not have the same restrictions and we get our water from them. Why don’t they have these restrictions as well?
    • Over the past week we have worked diligently with York County to ensure we are receiving adequate water supplies for our customers. As part of these discussions, we have encouraged the County to also undertake conservation messaging and promotions. If you have questions about the County’s conservation efforts, please contact the York County Administrator for more information.
  • Will Blue Granite be paying to have my dead landscaping fixed, or giving a discount for lack of service?
    • Blue Granite Water Company has a commitment and responsibility to provide water supply for essential uses. The conservation protocol allows for irrigation of landscaping on certain days and times to enable you to take care of your landscaping. We apologize for this inconvenience, but we will not be providing any credits or reimbursements for landscaping.
  • We are not currently in a drought, why is there a water shortage?
    • Although we are not currently in a drought in the Lake Wylie area, we are experiencing hotter than normal temperatures with little to no rain in over a week. Several counties across North Carolina and South Carolina are experiencing similar demand and supply issues and have adopted voluntary and mandatory conservation protocols.

  • What are your plans for the future of this community?
    In order to meet current and future demand, we have been working over the last year to secure additional water supply and construct additional water storage capacity.  We recently executed a supply agreement with the City of Charlotte and expect to have the interconnection with Charlotte constructed in early Fall 2019.  Also, we will be constructing a new 1 million gallon/day water tank by Winter 2021.  We are finalizing the siting of that facility now.

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