Spot a #Scam: How to Protect Yourself from Utility Fraud

Sep 30, 2022

Utility customers are targeted by criminal scammers every day, so if you suspect an e-mail or phone call isn’t legitimate, contact us immediately, as well as local law enforcement. That way we can take steps to ensure your neighbors aren’t their next target.

Tips to Avoiding Scams

  1. Stop and Think!
    Scammers rely on false urgency to get victims to act in haste. Stop and ask yourself: why is this person contacting me; and does ANYTHING seem suspicious?

  2. Why Now? Why the Urgency?
    Is this person pressuring me to act in some way? Is this a demand for urgent payment or personal information (birth date, Social Security number, bank / credit account numbers, etc.)? NEVER give a stranger this type of information. As your utility, we already have the necessary information to provide your services.

  3. Control the Conversation
    If you have ANY doubts about the legitimacy of someone contacting you, STOP! Take down the information you were given, note how and when you were contacted, then contact us using our phone number or email from your bill, this website, or My Utility Connect. Do not use a number or email you were given, as these can be false.

  4. In-Person Scams
    When someone comes to your door, it can be harder to follow the last 3 steps, especially if the person claims it’s an emergency. Remember, our field staff rarely make unscheduled home visits. If it's a legitimate visit, our field service personnel will wait. If you are approached:
  • NEVER let someone into your home until you've verified their identity.
  • Ask to see their employee badge and note down their name and number.
  • Then ask them to wait until you’ve verified their identity by contacting us using our phone number from your bill, this website, or My Utility Connect. Do not call a number the person has given you as it could be false.

Our Customer Service agents and field staff will never have a problem with you taking these precautions. If the person contacting you does, or becomes aggressive, chances are you're dealing with a scammer. 

More information

Scammers are always finding new ways to take advantage of consumers. Learn more and stay one step ahead by visiting Utilities United Against Scams.

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