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Finding and Fixing Leaks

Feb 18, 2021
Attention customers: anticipate leaks as temperatures begin to rise above freezing and pipes begin to thaw. 

We encourage customers to check their homes for leaks if possible. You can check your water meter to see if the dial is spinning – this will indicate possible leaks in the water line from your meter to your house or leaks inside or underneath the house.

If leaks are identified, turn water off at the meter so pressure can be restored to the distribution system and the customer (or plumber) can make necessary repairs. Our shut off valve is usually located just on the utility side of the water meter and it might be in a separate box with a lid. If you do not have a shut off valve you may use the utility shut off valve.  You will need a tool such as pliers or an adjustable wrench to shut off our valve by turning it 90-degrees from its open position.

Please see the images below for reference.

A typical valve on our side of meter.  It can be closed by turning it to the left so that both holes align. 

Valve TX

The valve recommended to use if the customer does have it on their side of the meter.